Elixier Data Platform

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Elixier - Mix of right doses of data technologies, data engineering, data literacy and data value appreciation solution to help our clients to be Data-Driven ready...!

Speed, Scalability and Security are the needs of Data-Driven organizations today. Elixier reference architecture for Data Platform is based on open standards and open source innovations. Elixier Data Platform addresses the constraints of traditional data-lakes or data warehouses that are faced by Enterprises and Govt organizations. Elixier leverages on container technologies to flexibly cater for today's use-cases that are resource-intensive and short-lived. Very often, businesses need urgent data needs and use cases that need resources to be scaled up and down as flexibly as required. Elixier Data Platform architecture takes into account scalability, reliability, security, performance and cost savings.


Data Pipeline Management

DATA PIPELINE MANAGEMENT - With huge amounts of data being generated every second from business transactions, sales figures, customer logs, and stakeholders, data is the fuel that drives companies. The exponential growth of data has made it a challenge for businesses to effectively handle the increased users, data volume, and data complexity.

Data Pipeline Management is an excellent tool to seamlessly organize, execute, and monitor data workflows. Data Pipeline Management provides a platform for scheduling and monitoring workflows which is useful in architecting and orchestrating complex data pipelines.

Data Pipeline Management is cloud-ready and it is highly flexible as it is designed to work within an architecture that is standard for nearly every software development environment. Due to its flexibility and robustness, Data Pipeline Management could be used as a powerful workflow management platform.

Open-source Task Scheduler

Allows users to programmatically author, build, monitor, and share work- flows in the cloud

Create & Track Data Flows

Allows users to create workflows with high granularity and track the progress as they execute

Manage Data Flows

Provides tools that make it easier to manage data-flows and data processing steps in an integrated manner



Useful User Interface

Monitor, schedule and manage your workflow via a robust & modern web application


Automate processes, fetching data, machine learning pipelines, data transfer, and monitoring

Modern Architecture

Highly scalable leveraging the power of your existing data infrastructure


With Python knowledge easily build machine learning models, transfer data, & manage your infrastructure

Robust Integration

Provides many plug-and-play operators, easy to apply to current infrastructure and extend to next-gen tech

Powerful Tool

Powerful business intelligence tool with flexible data visualization options

Data Visualization

DATA EXPLORATION & VISUALIZATION - Many businesses are falling short by lacking a clear understanding of their data and its business value. Without the right tools to visualize the data, operational and business leaders may fail to correct and optimize their strategies on the go.

With Data Visualization, easily transform massive data sets into actionable insights. The powerful, fully customisable graphical chart and dashboard development interface can be adapted to convert raw data into decision-ready information. Data Visualization is a cloud-ready, web-based application that can effortlessly integrate with an extensive data source support - PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Hive, Elastic- Search, Druid, and cloud databases. Data Visualization is equipped with extensive list of supported chart types which offers decision-makers meaningful ways to discover relationships and patterns between business and operational activities. Underpinned by In-memory OLAP engine for fast exploratory analytics powered by Apache Druid, users can easily discover insights and business intelligence quicker than ever before.

Combining both advanced technical capabilities and easy-to-use features, Elixier Data Visualization’s flexible and robust abilities will help you connect the dots and uncover the true value of your datasets.

Explore & Visualize

Make it easy to slice, dice and visualize data


View your data through interactive dashboards


Use SQL Lab to write queries to explore your data




User-friendly web-based application

Smart Dashboards

Multiple views of data to get richer insight

Modern Architecture

Highly scalable leveraging the power of your existing data infrastructure

Ease of Use

Easy-to-use interface for exploring and visualizing data

Seamless Integration

Connect to any SQL based data source through SQL Alchemy

Powerful Tool

Powerful business intelligence tool with flexible data visualization options